Forgive and thank

You cannot have absolute freedom, if you do not give absolute freedom.
You are looking out into your past.
Your thoughts created your present experience.
Anything negative before you, comes from and is still in your mind.
Anything negative in your mind limits the expression of absolute freedom.
Unless you release it, it will continue to manifest as a problem.
You need to get rid of your problems.
You need to get rid of the negativity that causes these problems.
They arise because of faulty thinking.
Your thoughts are continually faulty and filled with negative, limiting ideas.
Pick a problem you have.
Now look at it, apologise to your life for having caused it.
Love it and thank it.
Then release it to the One, the Wholeness, the Divine, your Heart, whatever you want to call it.
Every time you apologise and love a problem, you are healing a black spot within yourself.
You are full of black spots.
You are full of black ideas that cause limitations in your life.
It is your life, you can manifest anything you desire.
Problem is, you have been manifesting the same negative black spots over and over again.
If you give it all up to your heart, it will always fill the void with absolute freedom.
You create a void by releasing a problem.
This void is the nothingness, the emptiness, the completeness of absolute freedom, your source and essence.
Constantly, be on guard and observe your life.
Eventually it will be a natural process for you.
Watch for negative thoughts and then release them with a sincere sorry and thank you.
It is your world.
There is no out there except in your eyes.
Your world is within.
It comes from your thoughts.
Forgive and thank every person and everything that has ever offended you.
Forgive and thank every person and every thing that you have ever offended.
You are clearing your world of stuff you do not want and making space for absolute freedom to happen within.
It’s not a religious, holy or spiritual experience, it is simply getting back to your roots.
At heart you are the true essence of absolute freedom.
Your old ideas block it.
Let the wholeness within your heart, clean up these little swamps of past patterns.
You do not have to imagine a solution.
You do not have to replace them with anything but a void.
This void fills naturally with absolute freedom.
Look for a problem, apologise for having accepted it in your life.
You chose to believe in it, so it is your responsibility to stop thinking like that.
Then forgive and thank it.