God of my world

Flat earth is probably true, but then again it depends upon the minds that created it.
If minds can share an idea so that others believe it, then it becomes a reality.
If others don’t share it, it cannot exist.
You can view the earth as flat, or as a globe, or even as a grain of sand, for all it matters.
You are not the big picture.
The big picture is made up of collective thinking.
You do not have to join in, if you don’t want to play their game.
What is important, is your view of your little world.
Your little world is all that you experience before you.
Maybe in your world, there are angels and monsters?
Maybe there are elves and fairy cakes?
It does not matter.
Your world is your construct.
The ideas that you borrowed and believed, combined to build a reality that you live within.
You are trapped in these ideas, but you can escape.
Regardless of your big world view, your business is only with your own little world.
You are what you see before you.
You are not a war in some far away land, that you heard about.
Neither are you the tsunami that happened somewhere else.
You are not the road accident you saw on the news.
Nor the latest political scandal that happened over there, away from where you are.
You are your own little theatre and nothing else.
The playhouse before your senses, is all that you have to work with.
It is all that you have to organise, control and make comfortable.
You are not everyone, you are not the whole of the earth, you are your own creation.
You are lost in your own thoughts; ideas that you borrowed and believed.
Change those thoughts and you change your world.
Your little flat world is your only creation.
You have absolute freedom to believe whatever you will, within that creation.
You have the ability to create whatever pleases you, but you forgot when you got lost in other peoples ideas.
Give your mind a rest and withdraw from it.
Relax in zero, while you reconsider what you would like to see in your world.
Forget the others, they are probably not real anyway.
You are, and you can prove it, because you exist.
You cannot speak for anyone else.
I am the world.
I am all things.
I am prosperity, peace and happiness.
I am whatever I choose to be.
I am god, of my own little flat world.