Every idea you have ever had, eventually cancels out.
Over endless time, you eventually experience all ideas, including the polar opposites to what you believe now.
The time may be thousands, millions, maybe billions of years, it doesn’t matter in the eternity that you exist within.
Being fixed about anything is temporary because you are an aspect of the whole and your lop-sided thoughts are the result of you seeing only a minuscule part of the big picture.
You cannot see clearly once you have immersed yourself in any reality, whether it be here in this prison planet or on Planet Happy where everybody is a winner.
Existence is a mental choice and every choice is an imbalance.
There is no existence without imbalance.
You can never be without prejudice, without judgement or devoid of bias, for that is the nature of division within the wholeness of the one that you forgot you came from.
Don’t seek balance or perfection or ideal situations.
Perfection is a phantom and a meaningless goal, invented by the ego.
Seek freedom from your own superstitions, conclusions, decisions and pet ideas by simply letting them go and then see what happens.
You live within an existence of infinite possibilities, that’s quite exciting.