Little flat world

You live in a very small world.
You don’t live on a vast planet full of billions of people, hundreds of countries and countless cities.
You live in a small world, one that only you can see and sense.
You live in a swirling, changing world, one that constantly alters, right before your eyes.
From the point of view of your senses, you live on a flat world with a domed sky, because that is all you can see.
What goes on outside the scope of your senses, should not concern you.
It is only when things come into your little flat world, they become real to you.
What goes on outside of your little flat world with its domed sky, is mostly none of your business.
There are billions of other worlds out there, or so you are told.
However, your only interest is in making your little hemisphere comfortable.
Much of your world is mental and made up from stories you have heard and believed.
They are stories of other people, other lands and other situations.
Your physical world, consists of only what you experience.
You can never be certain that any of this information about other places and events is true.
You certainly can’t trust the media to give you an honest picture of what is happening in other worlds.
Stories that other people tell you, are always tainted by their own prejudices and ego.
They cannot be relied upon either.
You inherited a whole lot of fictional information about this reality that you are experiencing.
You do not know anything for certain, unless it is happening to you.
Everything that happens to you, happens in your little flat world.
This is your reality.
The rest is in your mind.
Your mind has made an imagined world of fantasies and fairy tales.
This is wonderful news.
You are god of your world.
Before you’re realised how small your world is, this was a frightening idea.
You are the creator of your small world, that tiny hemisphere you see before you.
Nothing else exists.
There is nothing beyond, well as far as you can tell from your little point of view.
As you move, the world reforms before you, whether it was there before you arrived, you can never be certain.
This is wonderful, whereas before you thought you had a whole giant planet to look after, now you can see that you only have a small reality to take care of.
You are the god of your world, your small ever-changing little flat word.
You are the creator and the originator of your world.
You are the master and the divine guiding hand of that little flat world, nothing more.
This makes it much simpler to organise.
You only have to bring peace, love and prosperity to your tiny little 3-dimensional construct.
You only have to bring good luck, amazing coincidences and minor miracles to your own little space.
You don’t have to show off, or justify, or feel beholden to anyone.
You are the goddess, the creator and the intelligence of creation, of your tiny space.
That’s got to be easy to do.
Withdraw from your old view of the world and look around at how much you really live in.
You will be surprised at how small it is and how easy it seems to control.
You are the world, your world, and it’s not such a big deal, is it?
It makes you laugh to think that people are impressed with their own spirituality and godliness when there is nothing out there, but themselves.
They are looking into the mirror of their minds and their minds are little flat, personal worlds.