Mind is a bind

Your mind is a collection of the world’s thoughts.
It is a mess of rationality, fantasy, reality, imagination, superstition and misunderstanding.
Your mind is a repository of everything that you have ever thought about and everything that you ever witnessed.
Everything that has ever happened has had an effect upon your mind.
Your mind cannot be relied upon.
Almost every human being that ever existed has had unreasonable trust in their minds.
You depend upon it for your daily life, or so your think you do.
But your mind contains very little truth and very little sense of responsibility.
It cannot be trusted if left on its own, and everybody leaves it on its own.
Your mind is a collection of stale memories, stolen ideas and recycled dreams.
It is not capable of unique or original thought.
It is not the creator of existence, it is a tool used by creators to build an existence.
Get out of your mind if you want to take control of your life.
You are not your mind.
Step back into the state of zero, of silent emptiness, of god-ness that is always in your heart.
This is where you belong, not in your mind.
When you live in your mind you are like a swimmer in wild rapids, trying to swim upstream.
Turn around and you can ride the stream in ease or better still get out of the water and walk.
You are like a parent at a child’s birthday party, going crazy in all of the chaos.
Step outside and shut the door and you are free.
Step aside the mind and let it do the work of creation, according to your desires.
Your mind is your servant.
You are the master of the mind not a victim of it.
Your mind is a tool, not a swimming pool.
Get out of it and take control of your life.
Ego lives in the mind.
Memories live in the mind.
You are not your mind.
Rules and regulations, guilt and associations, all live in the mind.
You are none of these things.
You are not your mind.
You are the ruler, the master, the god, the creator.
Use your mind as your magic staff to wield the power that you were born to use.
You are the creator.
Your world is your creation, you did it through your mind.
Your mind is your workshop, instruct it wisely and you can be free.
Your mind is a bind.
Your mind is blind.
Leave your mind behind.
Turn within, to your heart, that’s where your power lies, that’s what you really are.
Your mind is your magic genie, your wand of power, your secret weapon but it is not you.
You are god.
Your world is your creation.
Step into your truth and take control.