No conclusions

Life is open-ended.
At the end of your life, you don’t come to a sudden finish and then you are applauded, given wings and set free.
Nor are you let loose in a heavenly zoo where wild animals lick your feet and boring saints sing boring hymns to some vain-glorious deity.
There are no conclusions to anything.
You are an eternal awareness and you die to different realities.
Death is the opportunity for change, to return or to experience something new.
There is no finality about dying, it is simply another change on the endless journey to nowhere to achieve absolutely nothing and to be rewarded with zilch.
There are no conclusions to anything, everything moves and alters, that’s all.
Every moment is new.
Nothing is static and fixed.
It’s crazy for you to hold to beliefs or ideas that make you feel smug and special.
They are only temporary ideas in the changing sea of possibilities and impossibilities.
Existence is not fixed.
Existence is not a mathematical formulae with rational consequences.
This worldly realm is very mathematical and the ideas that guide it are rigid but it is not fixed, it is temporary in the vastness of forever.
This world is a construct that hides its intentions and mechanisms from those that might reveal its true face.
However, that is not important in relation to the grandness of the infinite and eternal something that you are.
Drop your petty conclusions.
Ditch your trivial beliefs and discard your rationality.
These are ineffective attempts by your ego to still the roaring ocean of change that all life is immersed within.
You are always safe, you cannot die or disappear or be obliterated.
You can be uncomfortable and in pain and unhappy but these things will pass if you are willing to drop your rigidity.
There are no conclusions to life, no final answers and never a complete uncovering.
There is nobody out there that has the answers and nothing that can save you.
You are life, you are an eternal something that exists on all levels, in all situations.
So what?