Nothing out there

Every thing that happens, only happens in your world.
There are countless shared experiences but they are all experienced from different perspectives.
Every event is a unique event to the observer.
Everything you do, you do to your world.
Every thought you have and have had, effects your world.
You are the thinker of your world, nobody else’s.
Your thoughts are yours alone and they meld to form what you see before you.
It is useless searching out there for your answers.
All you see out there are results from your past thoughts.
You are the solution as well as the cause of the problem.
You made the problems within yourself.
You are only seeing effects out there.
You are the answer and the question.
You are the original thinker.
When you die, your world dies with you.
Your thoughts don’t, they muddle around in your mind bursting to express again according to your beliefs, no matter how crazy they may be.
Your thoughts are your world.
When you die, your mind still seeks the world it believes in.
Hence, you are born again and again, only to go through the same old adventures, along the same old roads, over and over.
After death, it is too late to think about what you believe.
After you die, you experience your own mind, just as you did when you had a body.
So that’s what you will see again, your own mind.
Suddenly, you are back into much the same situation you just left, except you have a new body that you must learn to control all over again.
Your mind makes your worlds.
Your mind makes every situation you experience.
It can just as easily make good situations as it can bad situations.
It is always your choice as to what you think.
You can control it through silence and surrender.
Surrender to the something more that you are.
Give it all up to that silent mystery within and let it run the show for you.
Release all of your doubts, your fears and your silly thoughts to the one that lies within your heart.
Let it sort out the path that is best for you to experience.
Let it express its brilliance in this dark world of shadows, illusions and fakery.
Let it bring sanity and wonder into a mad and saddened world.
Let your god-ness flow.
There’s nothing out there but your own thoughts.
Align your thoughts with those of the one and there will be wonder of the wholeness that all things come from.
There will be originality, creativity and an abundance of goodness.
Release the world by releasing yourself from your own limiting thoughts.
There is not much choice really because there is nothing out there.