The blanket monster

There’s only one existence and all forms within that existence overlap in some manner or other.
Nothing is isolated.
No awareness stands alone.
There is no reality that is independent.
Existence is a multi dimensional, interactive, endless and eternal play.
You are not a little person walking around on a lonely planet making independent decisions.
Nor are you special, unique or wonderful.
You are a part of the whole and somehow you exist everywhere and in everything.
You are one with the whole but you have separated yourself with self-awareness.
Division arises from self-awareness.
Self-awareness creates realities.
Self-awareness allows you to participate in a divided existence.
It allows you to be anywhere that you think of.
It allows you to create anything that you can think of.
You have chosen to be within the planet earth reality.
It is not alone.
This reality is part of an infinite number of worlds.
You forgot that it was a choice to be here.
You have forgotten that you need to disbelieve in it if you wish to escape.
Your mind is your prisoner.
It was not big brother nor bad luck and not some nasty little second-hand god that caused you to be in this mess.
It was your own mind.
You believed in lies and limiting stories.
Now you are continually frustrated and demoralised.
Escape is not difficult.
All you have to do is change your mind.
Instead of seeking a future built upon all of the earthly rules and limitations that you have learned, listen to your own heart and start to make your own beliefs.
Use your own insights to create a new reality.
Try disagreeing with your own ideas.
Stop clinging to superstitious nonsense.
Refuse to believe the media and outside sources of propaganda.
You have the power to create worlds and you act as if you don’t even have the authority to scratch an itch.
Aliens, strange beings, fairies, ugly monsters, enlightened masters, everything exists.
Possibilities are endless and infinite and eternal.
All existences overlap.
Reality is far stranger than imagination.
This world is far deeper, much higher and infinitely more interesting than you have been led to believe.
Your life has been a dirty, wet blanket and somehow you manage to justify your discomfort under it.
You never try to escape.
You forever act as if you are a victim of the blanket monster.
You are a victim of your own thoughts, nothing else.
Your mind functions perfectly as a creator.
Your beliefs are always fulfilled.
Unfortunately, you have believed in all of the wrong things.
That’s a shame, no wonder you can’t get comfortable.