Welcome to your heart

You are the whole, the one, divinity, god, goodness, universal love, supreme intelligence.
Call it what you will.
You were born into this world to express that divinity,
Your ego was also born with you, in the same body.
Ego was born to distract you from your divine birthright.
It is an alien creation designed to keep you a prisoner within this reality.
Most people spend their lives ignoring divinity and choose to follow the ego.
Hence, the disastrous state of affairs seen in the world.
Your heart’s purpose is to remember what you are.
It is to remember your divinity.
It is to remember that you are god, not the body, not the ego and not the mind.
To return to that state is not special or spiritual or holy, it is a natural thing to do.
Nothing can stop you returning, if you persistently desire it.
However, it takes diligence and self-discipline.
It is easy to fall into the ego’s traps.
It willingly leads you into the futility of self-pity, vanity, dissatisfaction and ignorance.
It takes consistent effort to escape.
Hold your focus and it will be done.
All you have to do, is displace your egotistical ideas, with thoughts that allow the divine to enter your mind.
Replace noise with silence, frustration with acceptance and emotional outbursts with love.
The guidance will come and the situations will arise that will make this a reality.
It is not difficult or strange, it is a natural thing to do.
You will remember, and then, welcome to your heart, this is your home.